Gearing Sizes

Using the late great Sheldon Browns tool, but without measuring Tyre sizes for now, I need to learn how big wheels affect gearing:

Standard stuff then. 52; The number is Inches travelled per crank rev.
Typical SS gear table for 26" MTB29er gearing is all change

So for the Crank I’ve chosen looks like 29-16 is the way to go. By the way for 175mm cranks those no’s are exactly  the same, just playing here.

You can also calculate your MPH at certain revs, so let’s try that then at the mythically efficient 90!Speeds for gearing at 90rpm

Better get some Surley rings from  Charlie then, nice broad base so we don’t go damaging the alloy freehub. But having just seen these badboys form KING I’m now thinking superlight.


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