FSA K-Force Light MTB Crankset

The Crank was a bit of a dilemma, so much choice but then a chance visit to PriceShaggers, the Ebay clearout arm of Planet-X turned up this for 164 notes, complete with a Ceramic bottom bracket…No contest! The catch, well this is a 170mm length unit, but as it happens that was the direction I was heading (more later about that)

Yes I know Lloyd, Its not the full on red/white one
FSA K Force Crank

FSA K-Force Light ATB MegaExo Crankset with Ceramic Bottom Bracket. 29-44 double rings.

The Plan is singlespeed with the full tooth pattern 29 inner, Road singlespeed/fixed on the 44 and two ring for other uses, Simples!

Here’s the anal spec;
MegaExo oversize ceramic ball bearings
AL-7075 Torx T-30 chainring bolts (These are brilliant)
Replacement bottom bracket cupset is FSA BB-9200
Monocoque carbon crankset with hollow arm design
AL7075 CNC Super MTB Chainrings
2 ring version features 4-Bolt 94mm BCD
Manufacturer: FSA (Full Speed Ahead)
MFR’s Part #: 310-0016N
UPC: 822051252586
Weight: 702g
Spindle Interface Type: MegaExo Pedal Spindle: 9/16

Ceramic Bottom Bracket in Spangly Red

Hang on though….. 4 bolt’s on a 94 pitch circle, that’s no standard I’ve ever heard of. That’s going to make replacement rings a bit trickier that a visit to the local shop.

So how does it look as a single then; pretty good me thinks. The Spider is carbon, so I’m going to have to make some protective shims for the back of the nuts.

Looks neat as an SS crank
FSA with 29 inner

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