Big Wheels – King/ZTR Crest

As the owner of lovely set of DT road wheels in white, I started looking at DT240 white hubs…..but just couldn’t tie anyone down to a delvery date. ZTR355 rims were always on the shopping list too but I wasn’t overly keen on the braking rim surface, dont need that extra weight.

ZTR355 on American Classic hubs at 1530g/ pair, just sounded to light for a big wheel set, and still not sure they are upto UK filth.   The combination of big rims and disc brakes demands wheel stiffness, so where to go?

The bingo, the ZTR Crest arrived.  lighter weights (370g), improved tubeless performance with the next-generation Bead Socket, and wider internal dimensions, the spec was set for Jon at JRA to build.Nice in White

SuperComp spokes for stength, red ally nipples, taped only rim and the actual full weight comes in at 920g rear an 750g front – not the lightest pair at 1670 but a superb balance I think, and they look superb.

Front Wheel

All the details
Stans do a good job on info

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