Build 1 – Pegasus flys

Whilst building the frame a new concept for me was the Eccentric Bottom Bracket holder. It’s called a half link EBB made by Phil Wood. Checking this out on the naked frame it appears t0 alter the BB height by just 7mm, and consequently the seat to BB relationship. This menas unless your super critical there’s no need to adjust the seat every time the chain is tensioned in SS mode.

The range of chain adjustment is apparently one chain link, so any changes in SS gearing would need another chain. It might mean keeping specific Cog chain combos ready, we shall see. Fitting the outboard BB cups showed up another issue, they block the adjustment hole in the shell, meaning a split C type BB adjustment cup fitting tool is rquired, not the lightest thing to carry around with you! 

EBB adjust hole covered

Its held in with two M6 bolts which I torqued to 12Nm to begin with. The Bolt heads face rearward which means a limit on acces, but prevents the heads filling with front wheel crap. A 68mm shell meant 2 spacers drive side

Bottom Bracket The Crank needed some serious brut force to fit, and the ceramic BB did not feel as smooth in use as previous Hope units I’ve fitted. The 44 tooth ring went on for the initial shakedown, initially to check if i could make the EBB creak, to stretch things and to see if the 44-16 gearing is useable round here. The crank ring tabs are carbon, not wanting to crush these i made some ring blank tabs to replace the removed ring. This also allows the use of the std excellant FSA ring bolts with their torq/allen tighten system.

This is where the 1/2 chain link adjustment comes into play, an even number of links would not work and I had to source a half link, which looks crap on the gleaming PC991 chain.

half link required

Before I work out my position on the bike and get some specific kit a USE Alien 400mm post and way to long FSA 120mm stem are all I have. The Salsa bars are superb, great adjustment markings and pre-fitted end plugs, very impressed and very light.

 Onto the scales and I’m chuffed at the 18.8 Ib figure as shown below.

Shakedown Build
Build 1 - Trying out for size. those wheels are huge!

So here it is, the 29 tooth is going on now ready for tomorrows race in the filth of Tunstall. Could be the last time it looks that clean then, shame but is made to get filthy!

(Footer: got a Ritchey 90mm stem for Bigring which is perfect for size. Bonus it is only 103 g. With the smaller 29T ring and my race Eggbeater 4Ti pedals the fighting weight was spot on 18lb – get in)


One thought on “Build 1 – Pegasus flys

  1. Looks really nice Jack! I have a very similar build on its way up to Singletrack for a test. Nevi are sending a specific oil/polish to keep the bronze logo looking shiny – so no worries there.

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