Singular Pegasus

The list was huge, over the pond they are churning out new big wheeled frames by the day, general purpose tourers were in there, wierd big clearance crossers too. I liked the look, and the postive feedback, of the Singular range. The man behind it, Sam and some of his frames riders are very capable racers and seemed to be on my wavelength, and they are a British designed.

The announcement of the new Pegasus Ti model based on the proven Swift just sealed the deal. Off road kit, road kit, cross kit; this frame could handle it all easily and look superb. I liked the fact that it seemed to follow the same fast response thoughts that Niner had too. Pre-ordering around christmas time wasn’t ideal but it was love at first sight.

One Month later and the superlight box arrived, pretty quick considering this is a made to order frame.

shiny frame
Chippolini guards his new toy

Tubes are typical 3Al 2.5V grade 5 titanium tubing and although not welded to the super clinical US standards their unique “welding in a tank” approach means no impurities in the weld.  The downtube logo is part of the frame, using a bronze photoengraving process, which should add to the durability of finish of a polished Ti frame, its copper coloured over an etched/ brushed surface and glows, but I can see it looking dull after a few grit blasting mud sessions, we shall see.   The headtube is a lovely cast Pegasus motif.

Frame number is No 3, cool hey! – 1665 grams out of the box, with USE seatclamp, Phil Wood 1/2 link EBB and full complement of cable guides. The seatpost has a ally insert and the clamp slot faces forward for UK duties. The EBB limits the range of chain adjustment for quick rear cog changes. The positives though are no faf with removing the rear wheel, brake stays fixed and the rear wheel is always going to be in line, unlike with sliding dropouts.

Classic rear triangle- full cable guiides
No mud shelf there then

Built by Nevi the frames are not going to win any design awards.  Solid dependable straight tubes work for me though, massive clearances due to no chainstay brace and a forward facing seatclamp slot are big UK specific boxes ticked.


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