Hanging with the road boys

About 15 mins last night to chuck on 40-16 and 5 links of chain with a second SRAM joiner; must get another specific chain me-think.

The EBB adjustment Allan key hole is too close to the external BB bearings to use so it’s a case of using the bearing C tool round the lovely anodized FSA bearing casing to do the twisting. Works well but the finish is going to be mullered in no time, and how the hell do I adjust it out in the field unless I carry that lump of a spanner with me! Might have to make one up in 5mm Aluminum for the rucksack.

Lovely crisp almost spring morning and on my quick commute route of 14 miles. Crossmarks pumped up to the Stans rim max of 40PSI and gearing seems perfect for a quick run in of 52 mins which equates to 16mph avg. managed to spin up to 27mph on the flat comfortably. So can I hack it out with the Road gang tonight!

 Gearing is apparently 72.5” and would be 79.8″ if I used the 44T.  A 10% difference…still don’t know what that means really! Just had to find out so I could talk roadie speak tonight.  Apparently 100rpm = 21.6MPH that makes more sense to me.

 Also noticed, 2.1 tyres are way larger on the big wheels, they wont fit into the work bikestand!

Really have to force this in

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