Getting Tight Twisty and Muddy

First Off road ride with the team last night and although we didn’t go mental there were plenty of chances to check performance on the 3 woods ride.

Conditions have improved greatly over the past week, but we still found plenty of mud, and the Pegasus 29-16 build came through with flying colours. Hardly any mud pickup, them forks are like Teflon and stay slop free completely. Grip was still superb on the front Crossmark, some traction slide on the rear, but more torq soon overcome that. DaveSS commented on how some horse hoof holes of death were battering him to a crawl whilst I was gliding effortlessly along, result.

One of our wooded courses is pretty fast, tight and super rooty. Through there cleared any doubts about steering response,  more than quick enough and really suprised how rigid at 30PSI was no problem, big tyres really do work.

Off-road route (O3) in all the way this morning and a new record time……well for the burlycross, it would be for as a first ride. Again I really pushed the front end as hard as I could and only once it let go, even then the slide was nice and controllable. Finding the limits is ace fun.

New Theme, loved the orange and black effect, but this one is cleaner and has cool top menu. Shame I can’t add a header graphic though, I’ll see if it grows on me.


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