Blackpark XC – podium time

Singlespeed race at the West Drayton MBC races at Blackpark, the sun was out and the trails were drying nicely, it would be rude not to have a go.
Some serious kit and mean looking thighs lined up on the start line, I chatted with a Lyndsky 29er owner as I couldn’t help notice the prescence of many 29ers, all rigid. This was to be my first ever serious singlespeed race, thats not right is it.

The start was as manic as a bunch of guys spinning like nutters can be, I settled into 3rd for the first corner dive, then as the lungs caught up to the legs a few went by and a group of 6 formed, me at the back.

A 5 lap cat and mouse game ensued, the front two disappeared and we fought for third. Only on the last lap did I make a break stick and held it. Chuffed to bits and got some nice usefull little prizes too. A good days fun in the of the few upity bits

first prizes for pegasus

 More Pictures of the sheep dip here Simon Slater Photos and full results here

Review of the first dryish race; Gearing here 29-16 spot on. Once again noticed the good front grip with the crossmarks at 29 PSI, no problems over the tons of roots, and really getting into using the light weight to spring the bike around, up and over the bigger ones. Some tight 90 deg round a tree corners slowed things up alot, it was noticable against nimbler bikes, un weighting and jumping or sliding the rear round is the way to go. One corner turned at standstill onto some tough roots, picking the front up and then throwing the bike sideways was fun, this is where the 18lb weight is king.


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