Road Build – Speed Time

As we near the clocks return to full on night time mtb fun, the last of the Tues road rides looms.  Time for another build in blacktop speed mode.

The Hope wheelset (more info under wheels tab) with Conti GP4000 drops some overall weight, an 11-34 SRAM cassette bites it back. For the 1×9 mode an M960 XTR rapidrise (204 g) and old M952 XTR shifter (167 g with cable & outers) are what’s available for now. The 44 tooth is back on and this requires almost a full PC991 Chain at 300 g (4 links off) to run, these bikes are long! To complete the quick change spare wheel set a pair of NC squewers (63 rear, 57 frt) go on too., could do with the front disc spacing out though.

No chain retention for now, I ran out of time, and the chainline on the top cogs is pretty poor, can’t see that staying on! It goes without saying that the frame clearance is small animal size with road tyres on, should really check how much its dropped the pedals too.

On the scales the overall weight suprised me at 18.7 lb, plenty of potential to get that down in future.

Build 3 for the road
Build 3 - radical rake on full display

On the R4 commute today a new Burlycross record of course first time out at 57:55 for the 17 miles, the gears were faultless and the chainline not stressed as the naturals gears of use round here are the bottom 3rd of the cassette. Felt suprisingly comfortable over the pothole infested roads although the position on the bike does feel wierd! Surely both front and back ride heights have dropped the same amount, it does feels like a different riding position somehow.


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