Road and Cross wheels – Hope ProII

Looking around and for £130 off ebay it was worth a punt at a pair of Hope proII’s with Sun Ringle Equalizer 21 rims. 16mm width. Not the lightest but with the front at 881 g and the rear at 1008 g thats a respectable 1889 for the price, light as some Mavics I’ve had. The rear hub alone retails at £110 so good deal done, and they are unused too!

To go on these a pair of Scwalbe Rocket rons 700×35 folding at 276 and 293 grams (again that difference between same tyres, do super weight weenies take scales to the shops!) these are efectively 1.35″ wide semi-slicks.
Or, some Conti GP4000 Sl road tyres, at 23mm my personal favourite road kit (216 grams each)

A couple of spare standard Hope Mono-mini discs at 102 g means an addition of 48 g over the super light floating ones on the MTB wheelset.


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