Rockshock Rebas fitted

I really wanted some of the Reba XX team forks with Hydraulic lockout – but Fischer refuse to import them from the states in 29er size! So the Rockshock Reba dual Air arrived and before fitting them I decided to fit them I replaced the King headset with a Hope unit. The King had already shown to mark the carbon steerer of the Niner forks and I’m not waiting untill they are wrecked. The hope with a split lower crown race and the more secure clamp ring is a perfect British replacement. Hey I get to colour integrate in red, and its lighter at 93 g. I used the std topcap plug for now. 

Hope Headset - red not as nice as Kings

The forks weigh in at 1763 g with the full steerer length (weighed like this to compare with other makes) which is not as light as Fox or DTSwiss, but both these makes for 2010 seem to be really harsh over the small stuff to me. 

Reba Team Dual Air forks
Carbon Adjuster - Black Box Tuning

In the box is a nice pump, a full set of alternative gold stickers, but the lack of set up manual is a serious omission, and the website dosen’t help. 

Gold AlternativeRed-Black-Shiny theme

Rebas and Hope headset added

I started with everything in the mid setting and put around 90 PSI in both +ve and -ve chambers. It’s noticeable the lockout has a large range of setting using the Blowoff adjuster. The Fork is 40mm longer in crown to axel height compared to the Niners, 23mm of sag means the front is still higher.

This now weights in  Sprung SS mode at 20.9 lb

The Initial ride on a progressively wetter night seemed good. Nothing too technical as the weather turned nasty before the good stuff, but on trying to push hard on some lumpy corners I was pretty stunned with the liberties I could take, more to come.