The man in Black

Get in the Quattro

No Ashes or Gene Hunt, but plenty of hurt as I hit the local 82 miler Quattro Sportive. Road wheels and the 44-1×9 setup is no worries, the upright riding position means a pretty tough time in the arctic strong winds.

An early wet start riding from home showed just how much better the brakes are with the new pads, and out on the route I was loving leaving the braking as late as possible against the road boys and my effortless stopping against their grinding rim brakes.

The man in Black
Hamming up man in Black

84 miles in 4Hr55 ride time, less the lard stops. That was with a fair bit of easing up as we nursed Dave round his longest ride ever. Must have been on the front for all but 5 miles of the whole ride and suffered for it, but the Singular shone through as a fun ride, and it was cool cruising past some top line road gear.


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