EBB adjustment

BurlyCross build finally in action

For the weekend of the Paris Roubaix race we staged our own “Hell of the North (Hants Bog Holes)” ride. This was a ride I’ve been working on to offer as an Enduro event in future. In honour of the Rouibaix wekend and for a challange the true Burlycross build was trialled.

Full 18 speed Flat barred BurlyCross (clicky for more pics)

Full gears on the FSA cranks of 29-44 and some Schwalbe Rocket Ron 32mm tyres on the Hope wheels took the scales at 20.4 lb ready to rock.

Riding out to the route we start picking up riders on the way,  a fun 15 miles, enough time to realise this was going to be one fast flickable machine. I’d started with just 60PSI in the tyres and it didn’t even feel much different on comfort even over the initial rooty tracks. Grip once more was ace, not un expected as the Rons are suprisingly knobbley.  If these tyres were legal for MTb racing (only 1.35″ see) then they could be a potent local weapon.

Riding with tubes for the first time in ages was the only problem, 2 punctures and crap way to thin road tubes means I’d have to experiment with tubeless next time. 80 miles done today (enduro planned around 50) and the expected battered body never materialised.

Kept the build for Tue night club 30 mile mtb ride, faster and harder company but still flew, wheels might need truing though.

Just realised I haven’t touched, let alone ridden another bike for over a month and have racked up almost 1000 miles on this now.  Back to SS mode for the SSEC 2010 event at weekend.


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