Photo Etching

SSEC 2010 Forest of Dean

Singlespeed Champs of Europe, and a flavour of Euro racing provided by the Belguims with their bar and Euro Pop for breakfast, superbly hosted by the Knights of Niche, cheers for an ace weekend guys.

Polished up and ready to roll, or should I say grind as the Forest is worthy of smaller gearing than my current 29-17 (sprocket borrowed off Dave) the Pegasus was superb. Very fast and twisty in places, and extremly rooty and bump in others, the hands got mullered from the combination of long grinds, and bumpy battering. The first time yet I’d wished the forks were fitted.

Finally met Sam the man, and a few other Pegasus (Pegisi??)   Think there were 4 there in total, and Sam reckons that of the 12 made in the first batch, 8 are in the UK, so thats like an owners club meet.

Singular Sam found out the painfull way that super light wheels can bite you back. Tubular rim and Tune Hubs meet roots – bang!

Tons more Pictures HERE on Plumz site

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