Reba Forks setup

Still blown away by the performance fully rigid, but with the bone dry trails it has to be faster in bounce mode.

The niner forks are 475mm axle to crown where as the Rebas are 505mm, this increased front height really messes the ride up. Every time I put the fork on I feel that I’m being bumped around more than if it was rigid. To try and conteract this I have set the fork up for 30mm of sag.

30% sag for XC racing surely not! well lets see, 60PSI positive and negative pressures and rebound damping  set slow, just off snail. For the starts and sprints the gate is on full, with compression at 3 oclock.

The ride seems way better on these settings and the ramp up spring rate is good enough not to make it feel mushy even with this amount of sag.  Our buddies across the pond have some views on setup MTBR and recommend running the -ve chamber at 10 to 20 psi less than the +ve so some experimentation is on the cards. Lets see how the races go.


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