Friday Night Racing 2

Following a poor weeks preperation and still having a tired body I was wondering how it would pan out at the second round of the FNSS. The excellant training load on Sportstracks had me down at a score of -33. Coming into a ride in a positive state is the best option, so not good.

Off the line on an airfield runway it was no problem initially slipping into 2nd spot out of the wind, another big tick for the 32-11 gearing as being more than enough. Letting the fast boys past into the bumpy grass section my hopes grew as I wonderd if  I could slot into 4th, then Mike Winters/WVCC and Mark Cook/Luton Fire powered past and I could not respond. Onto the long climb and I soon realised this could be a very bad day.

I had no response and settled into a rythm hoping I could get the upper hand later on with endurance. Never happened though and after a 2nd lap fight with my head, and seeing riders catching me, I picked it up and started to enjoy it more.

Young Brad Burbridge who had punctured passed me and spurred me into action as I got him back. Maybe I could catch Mike, I could see him ahead but it was always the same gap; His legs were just way bigger than mine, and it wasn’t technical enough to gain any time. So 6th place drops me down the series standings a bit and must do better.

It would be intersting to ride the same event on the Mojo for comparison as especially over the lumpy bits, it was difficult to get drive while the wheels were in the air.

Series Points – 2 rounds

  1. Slash                  200pts
  2. Smiffy                198pts
  3. Burlycross       193pts
  4. Mike                   192pts
  5. Jason Hawkins     188pts                                       

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