100 Miler Epic Off Road

Trail Raped

On the hottest day of the year I had the crazy idea of going for a mega ride. During the Bucks 70 miler I got back pains and I wanted to find out if this was down to bike position, pushing to hard a gear or just me! Loaded up, pockets crammed and a big route in the Garmin I set of at 8am to get a cooler start.

I went off road where ever possible and headed North keeping the pace easy, first stop was Rutland Water at 33 miles. Coffee, Cake and a sit in the sun and the ride had been ace, great firm tracks and a good average at 13mph. I then set off into uncharted fields. It was soon apparent that Rutlands Bridleways are a different breed. Loads more farming meant tons of gates, Animal crap and the odd field of Yellow rape as above.  With the temperature around 25C my sweating body was soon a nice yellow tint. But I have to say there are lots of tracks and it was sticking to the off road goal.

Back down towards Launde Abbey and Leicestershire took me back onto familiar tracks, running short of liquid I dropped by the pub at Ashley for a cooling pint and bottle fills and was glad by now that I’d slapped on suncream, something I don’t think I’ve ever done in the UK before! It was baking hot and it was great. A quick up and over to Harborough and then onto the Brampton Valley way. Despite the headwind it was easy to crank up the big hoops and cruising at 16mph felt great, passing the familys and hordes of BMXers made me feel invincible, infact I felt great. The track has two very long….400 yds, railway tunnels which are pitch dark, going from bright sunlight to that was fun, the cool shade very welcome.

Oops no lights

Out of the valley to Pitsford I realised just how good I was feeling, no aches and definitely no back pain. I looked a very battered rider though covered in a layer of sweat mixed with dust and yellow rape.

Ice cream, Coffee and a chill while watching the crowds enjoying our 2 day English summer prepared me for the push home. It was 5pm now and I was still keen enough to follow my route without cutting direct for home. A bottle filled with coke as a last kick worked a treat and I was flying, finding some brand new tracks out by Wellingboro was another bonus as I then dropped past Stanwick for home. My mini tour of the lakes it seems, 108 miles by the time I was rewarding myself with a cool beer.  Just under 9 hours and no aches apart from a bit of hand numbness, I think I just made my Kileder100  bike choice.


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