King wheels so far

1600 miles on the King hubs and I’m finding out they are not quite the fit and forget quality of DT 240 hubs. The bearings are side loading and settle down from the initial manufacturers build, no problem it’s an easy two allen key adjusment to tweak up the play.

The trouble is the rear hub; So far I have adjusted it three times and as it just developed a bit of play yet again, it was time for a strip down to try and work out whats going on.

The small piece is the pre-poad adjuster, as you can see this and the shaft were coated in a grease and dusk mix. I’ thinking that when I adjusted the initial build freeplay all I was doing was trapping crap in the tapered surfaces.

 Not clear here (se the flikr photos for bigger) but the tapered bit around the thread which presses into the disc side bearing is marked and very worn…..not what I was expecting from a very expensive hub.

The ringdrive (freewheel in King speak) is also showing signs of wear on the bearing thrust surface…Grrrr. not impressed.

After screwing it all together it was as tight as a drum,  so I think it definately needs lots of TLC to keep running.  The rear hub now seems to drag a bit when back pedalling, which is strange as I never touched the ringdrive grease.  hopefully that will sort itself out with a few miles on it.

The one thing that can’t be denied is the instant pick up of the rear drive, its really noticeable in tight technical sections, you can really power over things from a standstill. You just don’t notice how much lag there is in some hubs untill you’ve ridden King.


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