Another Summer Epic

Bank Holiday weekend and another long one planned to keep the distance training going.  Along with SSDave, DaveJaVu and Brownie we took in the off road route to Pitsford for the first Coffee stop. A quick pop in to wind up the hard working boys at Pitsford cycles then over to Delapre for some awesome singletrack fun. Dusty fast and loose and no overgrowth of foilage yet, perfect and very hot. Pegasus was a blast round here, a bit of wrestling but feeling so fast and planted.

Northampton next and a spin round Delapre to check out the FNSS race site, and it’s riding superb, Such an ace place to ride for such an urban location. Dinner in the Abbey cafe was the reward for our 50 miles so far.

At the Pod

A bit of an explore keeping South from Northampton was a route I had been trying to piece together for a while, with the help of prefect go anyway conditions we nailed it and rode straight through Santa Pod. Bank Holiday means some form of racing at the pod and we hit the sweetspot seeing a jet car, and a rocket bike which set the 1/4 world record at 5.2 seconds; a great near end to a wicked day out. Another 80 miles in the bank and I swear the Pegasus begs to be ridden faster at the end of these rides, felt great throughout, but it was relaxed.

Real wheel stayed tight this time too, and it was a super bumpy ride, so I think I’ve nailed that for now.


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