Eastern XC Rd2 Santon Down

Limited time for this write up so heres’s a bullet point version. website

  • Fast track so put the 44T and the FSA crank back on, good move.
  • Don’t get carried away at a barn dance with good ale on sale the night before if you don’t want your brain to feel like its rattling around in your skull…oops
  • With the big guns, Slash, Jeff Sharp, John Mac and Andy Manning all attending Fifth place would be a win in the real world.
  • Leading off the line down the first straight was not in my original plan!
  • Cruising round for an hour to get some blood round to the important bits was really fun. I’ve often tried to do a negative split for a race and you can never go slow enough, it feels wrong. With a hangover its easy. 16 minute laps
  • Riding with last seasons rival Dennis Dix/Chelmer Cycles for that hour showed just how much better I am this year.  He was trying while I was chilling. From results it appeared I was in 16th after that hour.
  • Pulling the pin and flying past groups of riders was such a buzz, might do this more often. Pegasus with big 44 on borad and crossmarks was like a runaway train, I felt invincible.
  • Suddenly it was a seven lap race, not the two hour I expected…..listen to the starter you fool.
  • Last 3 laps at 15:01, 15:29, 15:22    faster than the two riders above, did I leave it to late. FULL RESULTS
  • 7th Position, way more than I expected when I fel out of bed this morning, enough to hold 3rd in the series for now as only Johhny Mac and Manning did the first round…Get In. 
  • 14.5 mph avg race speed is v.quick mtb race.
  • 1.   Jeff Sharpe
  • 2.  Johnny Mac
  • 3.  Manning

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