FNSS Rd 5 – Kilworth Springs

After a very wet afternoon it looked like it could be a slog tonight, but the great drainage of the golf course and super hard ground to start meant it was almost dry.

With Slash away at Mayhem, the win was there for the taking…well for Smiffy who didn’t dissapoint. He blasted off from the start and not even a snapped handlebar could stop him taking full points.

On the least technical course of the series I was alaways up against the stronger riders. It’s a 44T front ring all the way here, even on the drag back up from the lowest point. Mike Winters slotted into 2nd from the start and I decided this time to try and stay on his wheel. Up the long drag I felt good but a lap later I was being gapped, and struggling.

In a nutshell the quick start blew did me in, not my style, maybe pushing to big a gear at times too.  I could not even determine any benefits from the bike here even though it was a course it should have shone on. Mike yoyo’d around and got 3rd back on the final sprint while I flounderd to 6th. 3 points lost on him in one hit…..bugger, 3 races hard work undone in one go.

So now we are equal on series points for overall 3rd with me ahead on countback still. Missing a few rounds soon is going to hit me hard.


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