Mountain Mayhem 24 Hrs

Mountain Mayhem – the biggest 24 hour mountainbike event in the UK, with about 2000 riders taking part.

This year we were in as a team of four on Singlespeeds and in a strange turn of fate two of the other team riders had just built up brand new Singular Swifts. Both standard rigid forks and 29ers they were joined by Daves Cotic also rigid. Me I was keeping the Rebas on thank you.

The Daves went there and set up while we were at the Friday night race, me and Rich arrived at 11:30 pm and hit the sack to recover. Next morning the first job was to rip off the gears and get into SS mode. A never before used 18 tooth rear Surly sprocket and the 29 front of the FSA cranks was the lowest gearing yet.

A Pre ride of the last half of a lap from our great camp/heckle spot was enough to show me that I could not grind up the tough climbs here for long without serious back stress. Back at base I thought about using bits of the rear XTR cassette which splits into cog pairs, but a trip to the Superstars Components stand resulted in a bargain 20T sprocket. The need for a half link to re-fit the chain was annoying but then that’s the consequence of living with a half-link EBB

Rich did the Le-Mans style run and first lap and flew, 52:11 for the 9 miles put us into the lead of the SS class but it was short lived as the Bike Shop Wales lads powered past doing some sub 50 min laps. In a nutshell it didn’t rain, dust pits appeared and we rode our laps in rotation without a single mishap.  

Our Lap times:
572 Richard Jones 1      00:52:11  –  with run
569 Dave Loveday 2      01:00:04
571 Jack Peterson 3      00:53:51
570 Dave Gardner 4      01:02:21
572 Richard Jones 5     00:51:13 – flying
569 Dave Loveday 6     01:01:11
571 Jack Peterson 7     00:55:06
570 Dave Gardner 8     01:03:07  – twilight time
572 Richard Jones 9     00:53:27 – superb night lap
569 Dave Loveday 10   01:04:20
571 Jack Peterson 11    00:59:44
570 Dave Gardner 12   01:09:46
572 Richard Jones 13   00:58:27
569 Dave Loveday 14   01:07:05
571 Jack Peterson 15   01:03:11
570 Dave Gardner 16   01:08:01
572 Richard Jones 17   00:55:48
569 Dave Loveday 18   01:06:53
571 Jack Peterson 19   00:56:11
570 Dave Gardner 20   01:05:51
572 Richard Jones 21   00:49:33
569 Dave Loveday 22   01:04:57
571 Jack Peterson 23   00:55:45
570 Dave Gardner 24   01:11:35

In the end 2nd place, but we nearly got caught napping by the team behind as they put out there two fastsest riders for the last thre laps and took about 15 mins out of dave on the last lap alone, but enough done.

Highlight of the weekend though was doing a complete lap with tim Flooks, a great little dice for the whole course, and even got a mad cadence sprint finish in too.


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