FNSS Rd7 – Cosford

I was looking forward to the Cosford round, it rewards technical riding and usually helps me gain back lumps of time over the more powerfull guys. After the last round I needed to get a point or two back off Mike Winters. The course was in a poor state though, lots of deadwood and debris ontrack but still some of the great singletrack in place.

The start followed the usual format with Slash and Smiffy flying off, a drag uphill allowed a check of positions and sure enough Mike was off after them but this time I wasn’t blowing any doors off chasing. The traffic in the wooded singletrack was a problem though as we caught the senior race quickly, the speed difference was huge as most struggled with the rutted quad tracks, if the guy in front got a lucky move the gaps grew quick.

Lap 2 and Treads Steve Moore powered past on the hill, it looked like I just couldnt cut this as another rider Harvey Levann (Pedle Power) joined the mix. Now in 5th I could not afford to drop anymore places so gritting teeth in the very hot still humid conditions I dug deep.  Third lap and I passed Steve over the line, and it looked like Mike was coming back to, onto the climb and it was down to 100 metres and spirits rose, I was dropping Steve.

Into wooded singletrack and a shout to overtake on the left, saw the rider go left and I had to stop, then a rider binned it right in front of me….slowed again and going off line to try and get back a bit of debris jammed the back wheel……Doh! i had to stop and yank it out. I’d got enough gap to hold 4th but all the hard work to get Mike back had been for nothing, my head went and it was always going to be 4th from that point. 

So advantage Mike and with the fast starts and strength he is showing combined with me missing the next 2 rounds I am inclined to admit defeat. A few podiums from Steve will have him i the mix too.

I used the FSA double left on after the Thetford round and the very bumpy course had it rattling around and I was really missing the security and no brainer ride of the 1×9, it has to go back on.

Series points then in the battle for 3rd (Slash and Smiffy are miles ahead) althoug I can work on dropping those poor sixth place 95 pointers, as the best 6 scores count.

Mike    581 points   98-98-97-96-96-96
Burlycross 580 points 98-98-97-97-95-95


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