24-12 Goodbye and Goodnight

Many years ago at the first ever Dusk till Dawn 12 hour event it was all new and after getting on the podium for 3rd with a crippled body I swore never again! So why the hell was I sat on the line ready for 12 hrs at 24-12 this weekend. RESULTS

Basically I did 5 laps had fun and packed in 7th place, No excuses I just did not want to ride an event of this type. I had a great ride; I like to attack courses and ride fast, you just can’t do that for longer than say 4 hours, time to stop fooling myself about racing any other way. 

I had intended to work out a few things about riding the Burlycross up hills for long periods in preperation for the Kielder 100. I left the 2×9 FSA gear on 39-44 and one things for sure if I don’t want exploding lactate filled thighs the Granny ring is going to be grafted on!

The rear Crossmark is shot too, 2250 miles and a replacement is needed.


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