FNSS Rd10 – Cosford

After missing two rounds due to organising and playing in Spain it was back to buisness and I still felt poorly recovered from recent events, climbing power was poor for some reason.
The return to Cosford sprung a suprise, a tiny woods only course which although suited to my style it could prove tricky to pass as there was about 10 metres in total of non singletrack section! The organisers had been compromised by an archeological dig, even so 6 mins a lap is no joke.

At least we had a start loop and it didn’t start great, blocked in it was afight to the front and into the woods as the drizzle started I was about 7th, not good. Luckily Mike Winters was absent and not one of them, but new rivals Steve Moore and harvey leval were, as well as the very rapid Mark Cook who had left us all for dead back at round 2. Some manic overtaking and hard efforts soon had me ahead of all but the usual fast men into a steady 4th.

Job done I thought, and how brilliant was the bike, back on the single 32T ring did a brilliant job of silencing the chain slap that can be so annoying on these lumpy courses. That and the no brainer for choice, just point and power. The King hub was also noticeable, the instant pick up from the zillions of slow corners and crashed riders was superb, first time I’d really noticed it as a true performance aid.

Feeling poor up the one climb of the lap I was then passed by Rich Muchmore, the speed he pulled away reminded me that I was still tired, and even though I could catch him easily and pass on the rest of the lap I knew he’d get me every time uphill. Then the heavans opened. The lap times tell some of the story. 05:46 05:32 05:51 06:12 07:15 08:31 The last two laps were carnage, solid dry mud with a wet top layer, bikes on ice all round. The fact I was too lazy to change the very worn crossmark rear tyre didn’t help. It was ok when you had momentum but as soon as one of the many fallen or out of control riders stopped you it was impossible to get going again.

One beneift was I left Rich as he shouted that he was pulling out as it was to dangerous, I felt secure with my points hall. Three corners from the end I was struggling to even stand as I got side swiped by a slower out of control rider and could do nothing as Steve Moore pipped me on the line…damn.

As it happened Smiffy in second place had jammed his wheel in a rut and clean snapped his Sid forks in two, so I got 4th afterall That meant i was back in third overall as I ditched one of my lesser results, and gained 4th place helper points for our own round. But now Steve is on the case and can sense that 3rd place too. Game on for the next race then.

Overall so far after 10 rounds. (best 6 count at 100 points per round)
Slash 600 points and runaway champ yet again.
Smiffy 595
Burlycross 584
Mike Winters 581
Steve Moore 581


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