Brighton Big Dog – Disaster

Great event on a great course. 6 hours of superb singletrack even if it rained almost from the flag. The body core was still giving me trouble from the FNSS crash so I put on a granny ring for a mid/small duo setup. Aspen stayed on the back but the navigator on the spare wheel took up front duties.

I’d set on a chill out pace from the start and see how it goes for a very hard last two hours. The positively tortoise pace for the first lap was mentally hard but I soon got into the slow groove, then the rain stated to get through the trees and the course was a mud fest.
Slop tactic
It was fun, old skool skills required but the climbs were slowly turning into a long walk, then all drive stopped. No way to fix it on the trail and great danger of wrecking the frame, this was the view after the mud was washed off. I had to take off the crank to free the chain, the chainstay is pretty well scored. Oh dear!
Oh shit
The granny ring is off for Kielder then, no way i can risk that happening again, the only fault with the Pegasus has surfaced, the chainline and ring clearance has issues when using more than one gear.


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