FNSS Rd11 – Fermyn

The Crossmarks are binned and the New Aspens are on for a super fast rutted wood course. Front row grid and the start was a fast blast tucked in behind the Top 2 elect of Slash and Smiffy. 1/4 lap and Mike came by as expected, I knew better than to chase and let him go. Problems came when met by backmarkers, when Mike had passed and I was caught behind, he was gapping too quick for comfort. Late starting Papa Roach blasted by and I needed to get a move on.

Stupidly I went for a overtake off piste on an innocent looking bit of wide track, end of lap 2. The hidden solid rut grabbed the front wheel and twisted it 90 degs, the bars twisted and I was over the front at about 20mph. Hitting the ground hard I didnt feel the pain, just ran back….yep really flew some distance, and twisted the bars staright and composed myself for the chase back. Several places down now the front wheel was tachoed, and the handling was crap, could not understand how wheel was having such an effect, then I hit the singletrack and quickly realised it was the steering angle, the forks had been twisted 180 degs out, Doh. Another stop as I watched loads of plumz pass to twist back again and restart the chase.

Catching and re-passing Bob, Ron, Steve then Vic and Brownie with Stukenbrook. the last bunch latched onto me, we raced wheel to wheel for last two laps. I upped the pace at the uphill run in to the line to show I had the measure, then pulled over to let brownie get some valuable points, 5th was no use to me.
Luckily Mike had only got 4th so no points gained or lost in the series, not so lucky, I could hardly breath the next day, very heavily bruised abdomen area added to the shagged front wheel as the cost of my impatience


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