Hot Road & Cross wheels

For a while I’ve been looking around at all the sexy carbon rims available with the view to building a nice light wheelset for winter road and cross fun. As these would be getting plenty of use I couldn’t convince myself to go down the tubs route. But Singular Sam has shown just what’s possible Sam’s Blog. DT 190 ceramic hubs, Reynolds MV32UL-T rims, DT Revolution spokes. apparently1100g for the pair, yikes.

As part of my search I checked out the £/weight of some hubs:
Hub weights then Front/Rear spilt and Cost – supplier

310g – 105/205 DT Ceramic the ultimate (£750 pair!)

348g – 143/205 Tune King and Kong good colours – (£375 pair)

355g- 130/225 American Classic and £330 pair (SS for 250)

394g- 136/258 DT 240s white would be nice (£460 the pair)

413g – 162/251 STANS ZTR own and just £170 the pair from JRA

470g – 185/285 Hope Pro-II good colours and only (£168 pair)

514g – 166/336 King ISO great colours – (£445 pair)

I wanted the versatlity of tubeless and when Stans road rims finally became available that swung the vote. The deed is done a pair of Stans Alpha on American classic with Dt bladed spokes. Delivered weight with tape and valve – 1439 grams the pair. 663 frt/776 rear.

Alpha rims
American Classics

The freehub has steel inserts to stop the ally splines being damaged, something that badly effects both the DT and King hubs i have. Ashima alligator discs at 77g for the 160mm size add to the light rolling weight. The first pair of tyres on them were some Schwalbe Rocket Rons, 35mm. At 275mm they are super light and seal almost instantly even with a track pump. The beads seem to snap and lock onto the new double sockets of the Alphas. The easy sealing is offset by the fact that the sidewalls are not just pourous, they have holes in. the sealant fills the gaps but then when you up the pressure the plugs of latex seem to fire out. More about these in my first CX race report.
Alligator discs 160mm
Below are all the snippets of info I found on 29er light wheels for ref:

 Recommend 32 spoke Edge AM rims with DT 190 hubs. The AM’s extra rim width is really nice, and worth the small weight penalty compared to the XC’s.  POST on 28 Spoke ones here

 At an average weight of ~390g/rim, with a 24mm width, a propensity to build with very balanced (and full, at that) tension, and stiff enough to use very, very light spokes *and* only 28 of ’em, I’m thinking that this is one of the more impressive tech advancements for the big wheel set to date.

The wheelset I built today came in at 1386g complete. That’s hubs, spokes, nips, rims, and assembly lube.

To my knowledge, the Reynolds Topo’s weigh @ 1580 grams [according to Speedgoat], use DT 240 type/quality hubs, are 28 spoke, and the rims are 21mm wide. Supposedly, they’re fairly bombproof too.

OR The new carbon Easton Havens are looking pretty nice too.

See here for wieene post weightweenie 29

American classic pre-built.

not uber light thoughWEIGHT  Front 738 gr  Rear 842 gr  Pair 1600 gr and thats with a 130 and a 225 hub.

Or tune -from

Look here for Spin light pre-built.

DT 190s with CX-Rays and TK 7.1D rims super light aero spokes

Another guys wheels: My wheelset is currently under 1430gr. The front wheel is just 624gr, thanks to the tune Princess disc hub (108gr) and the FRM 29er rim XMD333, which is 350gr only!!!The rear wheel is still heavier, with a tune Superscharf hub of 220gr and a Stans ZTR355 29er rim of 410gr. Spokes on both are 32 DT Revolution with 3fold crossing. The rear wheel will be changed this weekend, which will result in a wheelset of 624+740=1364gr for real 29er wheelset.
DT aerolite or CX-Ray spokes would be lighter.

Scrub rotors for ultimate weenies.

see here Edge Composites 29er XC MTB Clincher Rim at 380 g


Sams wheels:  are Reynolds DV46 rims with a 28h drilling (not a stock item but Reynolds will do them for anyone if you ask nicely) laced to Tune King and Kong hubs with Sapim CX Ray spokes. They are pretty light, and very stiff. – rear weighed is 722 grams.

Claimed weight on the new ZTR Alpha 340 aluminium rim is just 350g, complete with a modest 22.6mm U-shaped profile, 20/17mm external/internal rim width, sleeved joints, machined sidewalls and NoTubes’ trademark short bead hooks. 

When paired with two layers of NoTubes rim tape and the dedicated 44mm Alpha valve (plus a bit of latex-based sealant), the company’s Mike Bush says the ZTR Alpha 340 will be compatible with appropriate tubeless tyres,

From JRA

The big news for us this month is the first look at NoTubes’ venture into the world of road rims, the Alpha 340. Weighing in at just 350g, it’s designed to be run with road tubeless specific tyres such as the Hutchinson Atom and Intensive. It’ll also work fine with standard tyres and tubes, and we’ll be testing it for tubeless cyclocross use too. Stock of these rims is extremely limited at the moment but we have a few pairs on American Classic hubs ready to go. There are a load more photos here on our blog.


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