Rugby Floodlit Cross

The first BurleyCross outing. Not so floodlit – a warm evening at the Rugby velo event at stAndrews Rugby Club.  Lining up with the new hoops on and big wide bars I did tend to stick out. I was apprehensive though, the Rocket Rons still didnt seal reliably, and this was a hard test.

A charecterisitic good start was then defeated by the lack of warm up and the 31 front tooth. Into the first twisty section it was clear I was just going to have to follow riders, at least I had a rest but I could have gone through the corners twice as fast. The suspension Rebas were still fitted as The Kielder was in a few days but the bike was still feeling super light and I was having fun. About mid race the front tyre started to feel softer, not a problem untill I tried a super tight overtake. The wheel tucked and I rolled the front tyre enough to burp it. Cursing I was about to head back to the van, but I’d forgotten about pits in CX races. It was close by and I found a Track pump.

One thing about the Rocket Rons, they are welded to the rims even at low pressure. It was no problem pumping them back up, not even atrace of escaped sealant. I then spent the rest of the race chasing back people i had been dicing with. Some tired badly and i got back upto 16th in the end. On the short super twisty course It was no time before we were being lapped. they came by easily on the straights, but I managed to hold onto the wheel of everyone who passed me in the twisty sections. Result, Burleycross is go.

Rigid forks and some better sealing tyres next time.

results 16th vet got hammered but loved the blast-turn-blast frantic workout.


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