Kielder 100 Miler

Last year I completed the Kielder 100 miler, the first 100 mile proper race in the UK. It was wet, tough going and I bounced round on the Mojo finishing with no brakes in 10hr20, about 36th person back, 10th Vet not many finished.

This year the Pegasus was out to play. I wanted a two ring setup but after the Brighton granny ring disaster I decided the frame can only deal with a single ring reliably. A lovely red 31 tooth chainring from HomeBrewed components (super light at 31 grams but long delivery times) was used 1×9 with the MRP chain retainer which I hoped would allow a good spread from downhill fireroad to the few long drags. The Maxxis Aspens would roll well and I’m so impressed with just how plush they feel so the comparison with 150mm travel from 2009 will be interesting.  Brand new sintered pads went in too, expecting the worst and finally some superlight KCNC foam grips, red of course and a carbon USE Sumo post completed the latest build.

Build weight 21.8 lb thats got to help, over 4lbs lighter than my ride last year.

60 miles in and warming up
60 miles in and warming up


6am start into the mist ready for a long day, the target was under 10 hours as the trails were rolling well. A steady start to make sure I could cope with the really tough final 20 miles. 10 miles in the first fun downhill, The Aspens coping well…..but not the forks. The banging sound and painfull jolts up the arms indicated we were in trouble. Winding off all the rebound and lockout gate had no effect some form of hydraulic lock was leaving me with about 15mm of travel, great. Having to temper the fun on the downhill jump sections was a shame, and the bottoming out under hard braking was literally painfull.

In the end I was very happy with my finish time just under 10 hours, not as much of a gain over last year as I’d expected but nowhere near as hard and they reckoned this year was a tougher course. 54th back in a better field, although I did spent way to much time at the relaxed Newcastleton food stop. 9th Vet this time though so thats progress.

The Pegasus was ace and at times on the long uphill drags I was smoking some riders. The gearing was pretty much perfect and my back still worked at the end, who needs any more!


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