31-19 Club

Quick rebuild ready for a checkout Tue night Plumz ride before the Kona Oktoberfest down in Brizzle at the weekend. SS team of four for 8 hours, so an opportunity to hit it hard, so what gear this time. Can’t be many in this club 31-19. At 12.6mph for 90rpm it’s feels pretty much perfect for general off road trucking and could be the new set up of choice.
Check out those funky cogs in the flicker pics too, the red inner stainless rear looks sweet.

Great ride tonight, really loving the technical stuff rigid. Rear tyre felt a bit bouncy soft when spinning up chasing Mr Big Ring which was pretty fast as usual, but never felt nothing but good grip all night. Checking when getting home it wasn’t too much of a surprise to find it was down at 20 Psi, these 29er hoops really do perform fantastically at silly low pressures.
Might be fun to go out in some super sloppy conditions one day, use silly low pressures and just check out how low you can go and what traction can be found.


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