Bristol Oktoberfest 8 Hr

The Plumz old boys singlespeed team hit Bristols Ashton gate armed with two Singulars, three rigid bikes and a very pink on-one.
A short fast circuit proved to be loads of fun. I started with a comedy run and then couldnt find my bike or even hear Dave and Brownie shouting like nutters.
Home brewed drivetrain
The first lap consisted of chilling in the tight singletrack which is about 90% of the lap, with mad lungs out sessions when ever it opened up, and particularly up the short climbs. A Singular handover to DaveL and we had the lead from the off in the Old boys team. Solid laps from all of us over the next 7 hours kept the local Bristol Bike Workshop team at bay. The gap remained about 4 minutes most of the race so we had to make sure there were no mistakes untill the end.

On lap 17 I went out with just under an hour left, if you didn’t get back before the 8 hours the laps didn’t count. With me doing 24 min laps and the others on 26 minutes it was decided that I put in two laps just to make sure the Bristol boys didn’t put in some fast ones at the end.
The first lap nearly meant disastor as i lost the front on a gravel corner, a rare occurance on the Pegasus and it hurt. No time to check the large gash in the knee, and more speed to pedal off the pain did the job.
Coming through the start finish at speed and onto the last lap it was all or nothing, nobody was catching us now but I was loving it. the lap flowed and the Pegasus delivered superb grip. A super consistent 24:00 last lap, fastest of the day for us, and we ended up winning by a lap with 18 laps. RESULTS
The result of the day though was the engraved Stein Glasses trophys for us and 4 litres of beer included to stat of the evenings celebrations to a Bavarian theme. A great weekends riding.


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