Pegasus 3 In the Bike Hospital (updated)

Pegasus out of action for a while, a stay in the bike hospital is required. Messed up the cross racing but Southampton sounded like a ball ache of a trip and race.
Typical that one of the reasons for this project was to have fun in the winter weather chaos….and now its frozen and snowing I can’t…….Doh!

Back in the summer the Brighton Bg Dog race ended in disastor, Report here. That day started something which ended this week. The Singular Pegasus frame took a hard hit and now months later it has broken.

The Chain Gouge was deep but hadn’t penetrated and I foolishly thought it would be ok. It should have been filled in then but I just brushed it aside. I guess the use of cross tyres and rock hard ground was the final straw. A chainstay takes some serious loads under race power.

The Frames now gone back to Nevi in Italy for repair, I think they are fitting a whole new chainstay so that leaves me with a pile of bits for a while.

Bike designers have always fought with finding space for tyres, chainrings and chainstays, the bigger wheels dont make this task any easier.  Life with Pegasus No3 has been brilliant except for the room the nice fat tube is stealing from the chainring space. The biggest ring for a good 1×9 single ring chainline is only 31T which has been worked round. 2×9 works perfect as the inner ring is smaller than this even if the front mech does sit on the chainstay. The fact that as a spinner I can’t risk a small granny ring and middle combo for epic hilly rides has serious hampered my riding on at least 3 occasions. 

What’s that you cry, SRAM 36-11 cassette to 31T front, only problem is I am a rapid Rise fan, going from Goofy back to regular will take some re-education I don’t relish.


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