Now for some speed

With the frozen fun gone and the Northamtonshire clay back in force it’s time to bash some road miles. Chucked on the old XT crank with a solid 38T Middleburn with a surley 16T rear.  The 38 fits on with tons of clearance on the inner 51mm chainline. The Spank chain which was showing over 1mm wear on the park Chain checker already was rested and a reasonable old Shimano one found that fitted.

Fitted CX tyres for punc resistance and fun excursions going to 70psi on the Raze rear on Hope (tubed) and American Classic front Raze at 60PSI. Didnt really want to chew up the AC rear cassette singlespeed just yet.
Looks even lowerer and meaner now.

Just for the Daves: wearing out your chainrings? ever checked your chainline properly rather than just doing it by eye?  Front Chainline on Shimano Inner tabs is typically 51mm (measure the distance from the sprocket centre to the centre of BB to check) So your Rear sprocket should be 51mm from the centre of the rear wheel too. But easier to measure is the distance from the dropout;  For a mountainbike 135mm rear wheel it’s half that 67.5mm minus 51mm chainline. So the centre of the rear sprocket should be 16.5mm from the dropout to be perfect.

Urban CX Ragley heavy build is 19.84lb with mudguards, lightest winter bike I’ve had. Now to build some leg muscles hustling it up hills.


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