Jones H bars

Well sort of, wierdy Daliesque H anyway.

I’ve always lusted after some Titanium Jones Bars, having met and spoken to the guy it has to be said his passion for engineering is infectous. And having suffered badly nerve damaged hands in the past I like bars with multiple hand holds. The increase in turning force offered is suited to bigger wheels too.

Superman H bars

So here’s some cheapo Titec Alloy ones to see if the vast expense is worth it.  The justification is having some Tri bar like bits to use to hide from the wind, now riding is entering the big miles phase. Have to say I didn’t expect the riser bit but its only small, spec is 660mm with 1.5mm rise which I can live with. The position is comfortable and seems to open the chest up well and it seems to make the steering seem lighter.

Turning the few 90 and 180 deg turns on the offroad work route seem good, even though the bars are wide, it dosent feel like your arms are as wide apart. There’s less of a teetering on the edge feeling at really slow speeds, its more of a drop shoulder and the weight does it for you, hard to explain.  Schooshing the front forward, or moving off the back of the seat, feels more natural too. Think like pushing a wheelbarrow, extending it in front of you involves less of an arm locked out position, so feels more natural.  It also enables you to retain some cushioning flex because your elbows are not twisted and locked at full extension.

The real proof is in extended use, at 431 grams they are a heavy lump of bar. the Full Ti ones will sort that and add a degree of give too, easy tiger.


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