Ice Ice Baby

The TD-1 has been hammered in urban Singlespeed mode for a couple of hard training weeks. The 38-16 gearings has been hard at times, tough grinding climbs at times, and a mental 130rpm session with the gang on Tuesday. 

Raze CX tyres have allowed confidence in all conditions, no worrying about snow and ice here, and the option for off road always available.  Snow returning just meant another chance to play and  full commitment cornering on some pretty wrecked backroads anytime.

I’m pretty sure I’ve improved my leg speed over the two weeks and 400 miles, and on todays evidence climbing up Heart Attack Hill, built some muscle in legs and back. (yes a rider did actually have a heart attack up it once, not a nice experience being involved in that)

Easy week now, so the Ragley is going to get gears for the first time, then its the final national CycloCross at the weekend, another first for this frame.


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