Power test

After a weeks easy riding and no leg work in the gym its time for a power test. As the all of my riding has been on the Ragley I wanted to test myself using that.
The cyclops wheel with a spacer to stop pulling the chainstays out of line was fitted. This is a Non disc wheel so I put a blank in between the rear pads to stop me popping those out, no way i could stop myself pulling the lever in a panic.
Power to the people
Leaving the XT and 38 ring on, adding the rear shifter, the chain guide and Salsa flat bars back on ready for the weekends CX race. the hub bumped up the weight to nearly 21lbs.

My test loop is flatish and a 20 min warmup ride away, the wind made it perfect to suffer into. The Cyclops power meter links to the Garmin GPS units very easily, give it some beans for specific periods and then check the numbers when you return.
First run up is a balls out explosive sprint from a rolling start. 1070 Watts for 5 secs suprised me as I’d tried this loads of times on the On-One CX and Pegasus and my previous best was only 986W. So either the Gym Leg work is doing good, or the Ragley really is one hell of a stiff frame meaning no power is going to waste.

After a 40 min flat out run the power was all up for all zones by about 15 to 20 Watts so really pleased with that. Can’t wait to try it again i a few weeks to see how repeatable it is as a test.
Trouble is now my legs ache before the CXrace Sunday.


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