National CX Final – Rutland Water

 First Cyclo Cross race for the Rage.  Rutland waters course is a tight twisty one without too much elevation change and some good technical bits so I was looking forward to it.  My one series point comes in handy I’m gridded on about the 5th row of eight riders for the tarmac start into a 180 degree right hander.
Rutland CX course
Not liking the way some of these guys corner I chose a tight inside line and stuck there, the sound of grinding bikes and shouts off the start was no suprise then. Early tight sections meant the start was pretty relaxed for a CX race which suits me fine, and the usual feeling of being swallowed up didn’t occur. The number of riders falling in front of me on lap 1 was ace giving me chance to gain easy places and it soon settled down into a steady rythm. I figured I must have been in about normal position as the usual Rugby Velo suspects were ahead, but as our group hit the monster head wind by the lakeside I could not keep with them.
An incident free race followed, picking up time on riders in the tight off camber banks and especially by bunny hopping one step up that everyone I saw ran. Trouble is I then lost it back on the short muddy up hill, still can’t compete with these boys leg strength. 12 hrs at work Saturday didnt help either.
A finishing battle with FNSS racer Brian Tear added to the fun, although I did get whipped by Pete Harris as he passed on his way to 3rd in the over 50 race. Written before the results are out I’m hoping for my best result of the series…my pulse rate at Threshold for 40 mins said I was at max, we shall see.  RESULTS – 30th again oh well I know my place
CX National final Rd
Kit: XT 38-11/25 which was perfect.
Rocket Ron on AC/Stans Alpha at 30 psi rear
Rocket Ron tubed on front hard enough not to pinch


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