Pegasus is back

And how I’ve missed you.  Pegasus frame No3 returned back from Singular after it’s trip to the Nevi Hospital for a frame tube graft. Under a year old and major surgry already, poor thing.

The drive side chain stay has been completely replaced with a new tube and the job at the Bottom Bracket shell and the rear end is faultless, you’d never know. The issue of alignment bodges is another thing though, which I will refrain from ranting about just now. At £290 for the repair it’s not quite the result I’d expected.

Enough of that for now, the rebuilt reminded me of the simple pleasures of  a well made clean lined frame. There’s no doubting that it is a beautifull looking bike compared to the more Industrial looking Ragley. I put the Niner fork, and original cockpit back on and the FSA cranks in 29-18 singlespeed mode. The Hope brakes and King wheels taken back from the poor Ragley.

After a chilled coffee shop ride out finishing with a  wooded singletrack burnup, and a full on technical wooded nightride there’s no contest. This bike is bloody brilliant.  Forget all your analysis of steering response and compliance the Pegasus is just plain head and shoulders the most fun bike I have ever ridden. One fast loop on my local wooded singletrack was all it took to light up my soul, Pegasus did indeed feel as if it had wings. Rather than the clinical head down stiffness of the TD-1, No3 was floating over the jumps, flicking up the rear it felt pounds lighter and friskier. I don’t know why but it just begs to be thrown around, is it just the fact the front end is higher, or maybe its the super feel from the niner forks.

Frankly it just instills such confidence in your ability, our night ride was in one of the most technical places we go, Irchester park. It has masses of narrow steep rooty tight sections, roller coaster BMX style  singletrack, tough climbs. Even set up singlespeed I felt imortal on the Pegasus, and at all times it just seemed to be teasing me to go faster and hit everything.

No doubt, there can be only ONE.


2 thoughts on “Pegasus is back

  1. So its no longer No3 then!
    Makes sense Ian, Large and Medium; Or maybe those Italiens had them all as number 3 and just went through the alphabet.
    Then again they only have 21 letters in their alphabet, they dont use J,K,W,X and Y.

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