Nice Beaver

Jon at Justridingalong super strong and true wheel builds have fueled my 29 exploits and he’s just sent me some new pre-release tyres from Maxxis to play with. The Maxxis Beaver, can it fail with such a top name.
Maxxis Beaver 2.0
As you can see it’s a 2.0 and it’s very knobbley. It has the look of a Bontrager mud tyre about it but is claimed to be fast rolling. The rubber is very very soft and tacky feeling and as you’d expect for the very light 595 gram weight the sidewalls are thin. Not kevlar pourous thin, they seal up tubeless pretty easily. As you can see fro the pictures the rubber is well spaced with ample cheese wedge front ramped centre knobs.

Maxxis beaver tread

(just found this Eurobike report, and it seems to be a specific mud tyre, some other good 2011 tyre info too)

Alpha BeaverI’ve been looking for a thinner tyre without losing too much of the volume and if these do roll well and don’t squirm to much then they could fit the bill. I fitted the rear on the Hope/Ringe wheel and as a comparison put the front on the AC/Stans Alpha rim to see what the thinner rim did to the profile.  This sure made for one super light front wheel and sealed superbly.

The small gain in clearance on the rear is much needed on the Pegasus, here’s the rear with the 2.1 Aspen in comparison.

Aspen clearance on Pegasus
Aspen 2.1
Maxxis Beaver in Pegasus
2.0 Beaver

As rain is due overnight I will have a good opportunity to report back how they feel for JRA in the mud at least. I’m hoping they could be the kind of tyres I’d leave on a spare set of wheels for those tricky race days.


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