Thetford Winter Final race – 2011

Happy Birthday to Pegasus – 1 year old today.

Photo thanks to Dave Franciosy who took loads.
Final round of the series of which I wasn’t in contention despite coming 2nd last time out.  This time it was at Mayday Meadow, a circuit that usually contains a fair amount of long fireroad, doubletrack drags. The perfect venue then to go singlespeed for a 2 hr blast 😉

It was a great chance to checkout the Pegasus in direct comparison to the Ragley I’ve been riding for a month, and did the last race on. The Beaver tiles stayed on to give them a good thrashing in conditions they should revel in.

Without a grid position I had to start with the Joes, not a position I’m used too, and quite frankly don’t want to do again. I could have been cheeky and started with the gridded people, but as i’m here for fun, didn’t bother.
It was carnage 2 crashes off the line, almost immediately had to stop to avoid running over a guys head, then fight him off as I was seperating him from his bike and he wanted to climb over me..muppett. Got going again, nearly had bars wrenched out of my hands, then just avoided another big pile up, bloody hell carnage. Then got down to the buisness of doing the extra start loop they had put in to spread people out.

29-17 not an ideal gear…..I was pedalling like a looney and they were flooding past me. Just checked the Garmin trend afterwards and I was doing a massive 16.5 mph (thats 116rpm cadence) for the first 1.5 miles, and peaked at 17.1 for the race… wonder i wasnt getting anywhere 😉 Then we hit the woods, and wow, Beavers Rock, party time. Overtaking was a dream, chose a line no one else wanted and just breeze past. While they all took the obvious I was up the banks, over the slop and carving my way through. Even passed people by riding on the grass banktops down the Beast, mental.  Would have been cool if only had got caught by this guys headcam streaming past, good illustration of trail condition.

Slogged on and seemed to pass tons of riders every lap, climbed out of all the holes and lumps no problem and had a great last lap scrap with old sparring partner from Eastern series Dennis Dix which I won in the dash for the line for ahem 12th place, seemed a masive effort for that end result.  Checking the lap times the last two laps were faster that the 5 riders in front of me, very consistent too at 30:37 – 30:32 – 30:24 – 30:36 which was awesome. Is that what happens when you have a speed lmiter.

DaveL on his swift is caught on this video flashing by before the bombhole at about 7:30 in. I climbed out of that bombhole easily, superb tyres.

Race lap by lap analysis  Oh yes I used Smiffys entry, so thats me down as John Smith…Hnest position by lap 15-14-13-12th. So who the hell were all those people I overtook, just checked there were over 350 people out in that 2 hour race..blimey.


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