Easten XC 2011 Rd2 Santon Down

Really wanted to give the TD-1 a shot as this race, but knowing I’d be tired after the FNSS race, it had to be the comfort of the Pegasus. The track was soft and very sandy in places which could catch you out, it also ran clockwise, not the usual direction and this meant most of the singletrack was a steady uphill drag.

Well that was a laugh. I rode this race in reverse, no not backwards just did the tired slow laps at the beginning, simples.
Watching everyone ride off at the start I just wasn’t interested, so I just chilled and decided to save it until a hour to go.
So the hour came, I was in no mans land, and pulled the pin suddenly the course was fun, those unflowing lumpy sections that I hated for 3 laps suddenly flowed and drifting on the sandy berms lets rock. Passed a few Vets then came up behind a group including Garry Houghton who I knew, so blasted past them. Next time past the finish Dan the commentator called me at 12th. That’s pretty slack I thought so guess I was back in about 17th after an hour. Stomped on and passed a few more, the beauty of my tactic was no one could respond. If you try and drop someone you have ridden with for a while they generally just up there pace and follow. When you catch and blast past them at speed they just carry on defeated, makes you feel pretty good in the process too.
East XC2 2011
So onto the last lap and the commentator calls me at 5th….bloody hell. So on we go, Nigel and another fast boy from the seniors fly by and I hang on for a bit, still giving it full berries. Another 3 riders get sucked in and spat out, turns out there was another vet in there so I was 4th at the finish.

Gobsmacked with that really, but chuffed with my last 3 laps times, way faster than the 2nd and 3rd guys.
Backward racing ……it’s the future, 4th and probably first proper negative split.  RESULTS

Just behind old rivals Patrick Stokes and John McAndrew lap times tell the story. (1) 18:32, (2) 19:26, (3) 19:23,
(4) 18:21, (5) 18:16  (6) 18:10, (7) 18:07
when ever have I got faster and faster on the last 4 laps of a race..bonkers!


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