FNSS 2011 Race 2

Back to Mallory and a completely re-designed course which used a whole bunch of the motorcross course. Heavy showers and a cold wind during warmup had us expecting the worse, but the track held firm and dried quickly so it just kept the dust down in the end. having foolishly played 5-a-side football for the first time in many yeras a few nights before I had legs like lead, I only hoped it was different muscles.

Split starts tonight, not a good one from me, infact so bad I never even saw who was at the head of the race. It closed in pretty quickly, a quick blast on the MX track and then we hit bad traffic of the rear of the senior race, and that was it. Once in the open I had the usual battle with Mike Winters, on lap 2 I tried to pull away working on last weeks result, but it didn’t happen.

Mike sensed me struggling and took over on lap 3 and I was on the verge of mentally quitting. struggling to follow Mike, he kept gapping me on the gravel drag and the broken road. That bumpfest made me realise how donald ducked mylegs were, I could not hold myself off the seat with power and had to freewheel inplaces just to sit down.  into the last lap i even considered just roling in behind Mike, but knowing i was faster on the MX turns I waited untill the final few berms and just powered past to nick it, sorry Mike.

To be honest this was a fast race, over 13mph compared to last weeks more technical 12mph, in those conditions I know i cant compete with the guys who as expected were up front. Slash from John Fettis, David Perry who got 2nd last week again going well, Steve Large, and BigRing. one I missed was Gaz Strickland who I should have got 17 secs ahead. As it was 7th place is perhaps the norm when the strong fast boys all turn up, Top 5 overall this year is going to be hard work, especially with the limited rounds I can get to for 2011.

Points after 2 races then.
200 Slash 100+100
197 Dave Perry 99+98
193 BigRing 97+96
192 Burlycross 98+94
191 Gaz Strickland 96+95
187 Winters 94+93
97 Large
95 Moore


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