FNSS 2011 Race 3

Onto race 3, not much else happening this week and to be honest I’ve felt incredibly lethargic, the disappointment of not going to the 10 under Ben which I’d entered not helping.

The Cosford course though was back up to full distance and super technical, perfect for gaining back time on the fast boys. Pegasus in the now usual trim of 1×9 on Aspens with 23psi for the rutted woods.

The start was busy but being straight uphill it split up quickly, and hurt. Slash wasted no time in buggering off but this time he had company form BigRing and newbie on us Dan Cook who looked well fast the few minutes i saw him for. Add in Steve Large and John Fettis and it was back to fighting for lower leaderboard for me. First half lap and into the 2nd wood on Fettis’s wheel I was feeling more hopefull, dived ahead and set about giving him a lesson in how to make progress through the Senior backmarkers. This only lasted untill we hit the 2nd wood, uphill my lungs exploded, the old 1 lap explosion hit me and feeling like I was crawling embarrassingly slow he passed easily. so did a guy in white…..is he a Vet, sod it he is and disappearing fast, bugger.

Loving the track I could pull the new vet, Andy Pearce/Cross trax back in the woods and then he crashed in front of me on a fast turn. Just missed out on running over his head and away we went. Next time back in hell wood, he passed again, easily. oh well 7th it is then.  Lap 4 and I was back on his wheel at the start of the downhill, having carefully considering I could pass him here on the last lap for the position I then…….went past him and legged it flat-out for the woods. This time I put enough gap in to hang on up hell wood and hoped this would be the last lap, trouble is it didn’t quite work out and we raced for over 70 mins and i had to hang on for a last fast lap. Loved the challenge though, so much that I could see Steve large ahead, chased hard and almost caught him, 10 seconds in it at the end. 6th and comfortably ahead of Strickland, Winters and mark Cook. Felt whole lot better about my form, top 3’s are a thing of the past in this company but if  I use last years challengers as a reference I’m going loads better than 2010.

Points after 3 races then. (really in 6th then when others catch up)
300 Slash 100+100+100
291 BigRing 97+96+98
287 Burlycross 98+94+95
284 Gaz Strickland 96+95+93
278 Winters 94+93+91
197 Dave Perry 99+98
196 Fettis 99+97
193 Large 97+96
95 Moore


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