FNSS 2011 Race 4

May has been a wierd Month, the driest for a century in these parts but my riding Mojo has dried up. No reason or rhyme, but it certainly wasn’t helped by seeing this new course in the series for the first time.  Playing hide and seek in a road race yesterday to save energy to ride round a bumpy field, well at least the social crack is good.

Lining up for the start on row 3, true apathy mode here, its off round 2 bumpy cow poo laden corners. Its busy and I never even see the head of the race, their long gone as I settle into a familiar battle with Mike Winters.  Then Scott Rose comes by and pulls away, umm this is going well.  Then it starts to pick up. The track has virtually no flat and the short sharp climbs seem to suit me, especially as I can’t chicken out with the granny gear as some do.  Mike soon falls behind, the track seems to open up and at race speed it’s actually becoming fun. Hitting all the corners and climbs as hard as possible made the race fly by.

Riders were dying out there, a tough course and I get Scott back and pull away easy, then Bigring appears behind ?? The slacker was cruising saving it for a Sunday race, didn’t stop him passing me like I was stopped as he put in a few hill intervals on his way to 4th. Didnt make me 5th, that was Ant White who is now a Vet. So didn’t benefit from Steve larges absence

Slash finally got beat by Dan Cook, Fettis 3rd

Points after 4 races then. (could be looking at 6/7th now when others catch up)
399 Slash 100+100+100+99
388 BigRing 97+96+98+97
382 Burlycross 98+94+95+95
378 Gaz Strickland 96+95+93+94
369 Winters 94+93+91+91
294 Fettis 99+97+98
199 Cook 99+100
197 Dave Perry 99+98
193 Steve Large 97+96


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