FNSS 2011 round 7

Work is still tough and the legs are still heavy but this was the first time I’ve ever had to do a lap here, never mind race, having previously helped set it up.
From the start I went for it, for a short burst I moved upto 2nd behind Slash of course, but then John Fettis cruised past.  I shadowed him through the technical quarry and felt good….then we hit the hill. I say hill, its a pimple of a drag but my legs thought it was AlpD’huez, Lloyd flew past in chase of Slash. not long after Levann passed me but going into the quarry for lap 2 the skills soon saw him off. At that point I settled down thinking a better than I could have hoped for 4th was on the cards. then out of nowhere on lap 4 three riders caught and passed me up the Alp!

Levann was back towing Steve Moore and Garry Houghton, back in the quarry and it made my week as I took some unothordox lines to get all three of them back, in a section most others said was single file, loved it.
Sure thing though, up the Alp they were back, i had gapped them so we were at the top so i could hang on through the fast wood. They were stronger and my head went 40 mins and I’d blown again. So 7th place and cursing my workload once again, at least the Pegasus was bloody brilliant to ride.
6 rounds gone then and the overall is all over the place, Slash has won the series already, so its really out of my hands and more down to who turns up. I miss a few rounds too, so Mike Winters could take advantage of any more no shows. OVERALL RESULTS


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