Crusing for Cake

In a tough work period it perhaps hasn’t been fair once again to ride the TD-1, it’s once again suffered dismay from my tired body as I still can’t get to grips with it.

Ace Tea room at Aldwinkle
Brace of 29s for ace cake

One things for sure christ does that front end carve a tight corner, and how. Off the railway line I nip up a bank onto a very loose gravel path, the front end is light, hardly any weight o it but its amazing how tight you can turn the Ragley. No sliding in the gravel, just point and squirt. The Pegasus on the same spot is drifting wide and causing you to hesitate before gunning it again.

Sometimes maps dont tell the story
Great route but sometimes beans stop play

But then a weekends riding for 5 hours a day with ample coffee and cake stops is just what I needed. Dave and Dave and Pilch joined the chilled fun and Pegasus put the fun back into biking. Last chance saloon is maybe fit forks to TD-1, mess up the angles but see how it rides, because its just getting dusty lately.


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