BikePacking…you what?

What the frick are you on about F3 desisgns puts it thus :-

 It’s a cross between backpacking, bicycle touring and mountain biking. Instead of carrying your gear on your back or on bulky racks and panniers you let the bike frame handle the weight. Bags are made to evenly distribute the load across your bike without limiting your maneuverability.
Watching the Tour Divide and speaking to two riders I know who have completed it, John Fettis and Jenn Hopkins ,  a desire is brewing; No not to do the divide……..ummm but its a thought…which is mental, but to get out there and ride great trails.  To explore out there, which knows no bounds when you remove the constraints of returning to A, or as far as B; there are tons of C,D’s and E’s to check out.

First step a custom made framebag from new UK firm wildcatgear, Beth has been busy making mine there it is in progress. A template of the space in the front triangle is all you need then decide what extras you’d like.
Beth makes framebag

I checked out a size that could be used conveniently for both the TD-1 and Peg, went for a map pocket and a front port for garmin battery backup leads/media/camelbak hose use. The full wrap velcro option suited me too for planned single ring use.

I also opted for their Mountain Lion handlebar harness for tent and sleeping bag duties.



A Viscacha seatbag is on its way from the US, the guys Revelate designs  out there are specialists. This bad boy expands for those last min food runs and you just don’t need your kit spread out all over the trails behind you.

Check out for an idea of how big this all is in the US.


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