Framebag is dirty already

The Framebag arrived, way faster than I expected and just had to be tested. Designed to fit the Peg like a glove it works on the TD-1 too, just took the front mech off I was running for commuting. The TD-1 got first go, as I carry on playing with this bikes geometry; Niner forks and wide flat bars this time.

Bikepacking is go
Wilcatgear Leopard bag and Mountain Lion Harness

The front bag has an old snugpack softie sleeping bag and half the 3 kilo tent I bought after the TransProvence race organisers wanted rid. The Rear bag could hold the other half, but is simulated for this ride with a stuffbag full of Team clothing I was delivering on the way. The Framebag was suprisingly quick to fill with a 2 litre bladder, bikecrap, tubes and a big waterproof (biblical rain predicted)

The framebag is unobtrousive in use, and I was very impressed that the front harness just didn’t move in use. We had a 50 mile off road casual ride with the girls planned; perfect in my tired state and a good long lumpy test.

The harness is tricky to setup, not made any easier by the fact the Niner fork has no flat crown to mount to. I used an old yaughting dry bag that I know is waterproof, it’s had many duties including being filled with water and used as a beer cooler!

First of several stops including a pub lunch, Ace

The Wilcatgear Leopard bag is made from Dimension Polyant VX21 fabric, this looks and feels very hardwearing and certainly shrugs off mud and the downpour we got caught in. None of the seams are taped though so water does get in, but then lightweight drybags can be used inside. Two internal mesh pockets are handy for stopping small bits rattling around and puts them easy to hand when the quality waterproof  side zip is opened. The full wrap velcro has super grip, its almost a workout to rip it apart, the bag isn’t moving in a hurry. All I need now is some time for a proper trip.


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