FNSS 2011 – Cosford again

Lost count which race this is, I literally just threw the Pegasus in the van got there and rode it whatever! The tyres were soft, it was moist in parts so I left the Aspens to squirm and prepared for a kicking.

Same course as first race here so the uphill start, unusually I settled for a third row start, and let them go. Cruising in behind clubmate Steve, I felt pretty chilled; perhaps because nobody seemed to want to attack the singletrack. This is a track where I can pull good gaps in the singletrack, sweet handling and sprint kicks between corners, but this time there was no kick. Steve moved into the distance on the uphill sections and that was it, he was going to claim my scalp for the first time.

Last lap and one last blast of drifting fun in the dusty singletrack, as the threatened rain held off and suddenly Steve was there, he’d blown and I even put 2 minutes into him on one 12 min lap. 5th place was amazing, mainly down to the fact everyone stayed away rather than my abilites. I’ll take the points though.

Using the exact same course in pretty similar conditions allows comparisons. Race 1 – 11.9mph av heart rate of 158bpm for a hard earned 6th (fastest lap 13.29)4 laps in 62:11. Spent 23:04 in Aerobic zone.
Race 2 – 11.8mph av heart rate 151bpm for an easier 5th, did one less lap (fastest 13.29) but 4 laps in 62:20 so wierdly only 9 seconds slower which has amazed me, as only spent 9:20 in the aerobic zone. Explain that one? Same bike and tyres, it can only be down to a difference in wind levels. Perhaps an illustration of how the only true measure of effort is a power meter.

So overall points, finally I’ve got 6 finishing counting rounds, can I improve any of the poor scores, total points and riders lowest score in brackets:

Slash 600 The Champ
Fettis 592 (98)
BigRing 586 (96)
BurlyCross 572 (94 7th)
Houghton 566 (85) So thats going to be easy to improve then.

Winters 560 (91)


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